General Information

Supported Devices

IOS: For the best experience users should have an iPhone 8 which has the A11 Bionic chip, and the latest IOS version. The difference in Appraisal Grid App speed is noticeable between the various models due to the processing speeds. The app will work with earlier model...

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Appraisal Grid Roles and Permissions

Channel Member Participants For members that are at the store that owns the channel (Channel Members), the permissions are set in PIM.  When setting up a user, select one of the Appraisal Grid Roles on the left. Sales Person Begins the appraisal process by creating...

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Appraisal Grid Terminology

(Actual Cash Value) The final value set for the vehicle. This is the amount the store has decided they are willing offer the customer for the Trade-In vehicle.A portion of the store's inventory that is older than a specified number of days as specified by the Group...

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