Channel Member Participants

For members that are at the store that owns the channel (Channel Members), the permissions are set in PIM.  When setting up a user, select one of the Appraisal Grid Roles on the left.

  • Sales Person
    Begins the appraisal process by creating and submitting a valuation request.  This Sales role does not allow the Sales person to inspect the vehicle.
  • Sales Person (can do the inspection)
    Similar to the other Sales role, the Sales Person can begin the appraisal process by creating and submitting a valuation request.  Unlike the other Sale role, this one allows the user to inspect the vehicle as well.
  • Sales Manager
    Accepts or Forwards Valuation requests
    Sets the ACV for a Valuation
  • Floor Manager
    Ensures the appraisal process is flowing to expectations.  The Floor Manager will step in to move appraisals along where needed.  For example, the Floor Manager will investigate a delay when a Sales Person alerts the Floor Manager that they have waited beyond the acceptable time frame for a Manager to accept a valuation request.
  • Appraisal Administrator
    The appraisal Administrator will monitor appraisal activity and discuss weak links with the appropriate managers or sale staff.  The Appraisal Administrator will .

Channel Guest Participants

Permission levels only apply to Guest Participants.  Guest participants are assigned one of the following permission levels allowing them perform different functions in Appraisal Grid.  There are 3 basic functions for Guest Participants:  Share, Value and Buy.  The permission levels allow the user to perform one or a combination of those functions as follows:

  • LEVEL 8 – Buyer
  • LEVEL 9 – Valuer