Appraisal Grid

We bring visibility to your Vehicle appraisal process.

Vehicle Appraisal App and Dashboard

Differentiate how trades are valued

Understand the uniqueness of each Automobile Appraisal and win more trade Opportunities



In today’s competitive market time is precious, margins are compressed and there is no room for error. You need a solution to manage and measure your physical appraisal and valuation process. Appraisal Grid will provide data-driven metrics that allow you to identify your inefficiencies, and provide transparency and accountability to reduce friction between customers, sales and managers. You will become more efficient, make better valuation decisions and profit from winning more trades.

Appraisal Grid Appraisals Automotive App

We make it easy to connect on every platform

Appraisal Grid is an IOS & Android application designed to bring structure, control and clarity throughout your appraisal process.


How Your Dealership Benefits


Win More Trades

Generate and share the unique attributes of each potential trade so that your team can establish the most competitive values possible.


Streamline Communication

Customers, sales staff and managers are all engaged in the trade-in process simultaneously. Sales staff stay with customers throughout the entire process while managers are on the clock to ensure appraisals are completed efficiently.


Make it easy for your team to search, find and access appraisals from a single location.

Establish Transparency & Accountability

Management is able to see and react throughout the entire appraisal process which ensure sales staff and managers follow through on their responsibilities.


Run state or province wide “virtual appraisal buy-in events,” in order to pull customers into the buying cycle before they ever have a chance to shop competitors.

Receive Free Updates

By partnering with the largest cloud providers we do the heavy lifting for you. Out team manages free updates and version controls to ensure your success. Stay with Appraisal Grid and profit!



  • Include the customer in the appraisal process
  • Ensure sales staff never have to leave the customer
  • Reduce wait times for both customers and sales staff
  • Capture accurate and differentiating vehicle appraisal information
  • Enable managers to share appraisals with trusted valuation advisors
  • Ensure managers know when to step-up or back-down on valuations
  • Allow complete visibility to ensure accountability by the entire team
  • Build customer trust by shopping their trade in multiple markets

What Dealers are Saying

Appraisal Grid has been a great asset to our Dealership and is easy for anyone to use!

We are now able to better track our appraisals and present values to our customers more efficiently!

Colby Ducharme

Sales Manager, Westlock Motors

Appraisal grid has streamlined our appraisal times and made it much easier to track all appraisals.

With real-time bids from local and wholesale buyers it makes it easy and efficient to consistently present competitive valuations for potential trades.

Cesco Vizza

Sales Manager, DAVIS Buick GMC

Appraisal Grid has been able to provide our team a comprehensive view into our day to day appraisal management.

Highlighting opportunities and trends daily, weekly, monthly; in-turn enabling engaged participation across our floor to accelerate trade procurement.

Chris Broad

General Manager, DAVIS Buick GMC

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