New Appraisal Grid clients will be provided a form with information for each participating store. The document will be completed as much as possible by Appraisal Grid Support and sent to the group’s Appraisal Advocate. The information gathered on this page will be taken from the store site’s staff page if available.

Once you receive a copy of this form:

  1. Complete any missing information in the top section which contains the store name, address and phone number etc. and ensure the information is correct.  
  2. Add the names of up to three channels in the middle section and cDemo will configure them in the initial configuration process. Beyond that, you have the ability to add channels through the Appraisal Grid App.
  3. Verify the list of Members is complete and add any in-store users that are missing. Delete any that should not be included.
  4. Verify the information for each Member is correct.
  5. If “Member Store Manager” is selected in column “AG Permissions” select the Channels the user should be included in. If Member Store Sales is selected, you do not need to fill out the channel selections. discuss with Al: will managers always be included in all channels for the store they are at? Maybe we don’t need the channel checkboxes.